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Hard Water and its effects

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Do you have hard water?  We live in an area in which it is common to see elevated hardness levels.  Hard water is in large part due to our groundwater that flows through limestone.  The limestone creates a high mineral content of magnesium and calcium.  While these minerals are not a health concern, they are a nuisance, whether it be in our home residence or place of business.  So, what can you do, or look for, and how do you test if you have hard water?

Some things to look out for, and what you can do:

Well Pump System – If you live in a home that has a Well Pump you most likely fall under the 90% of Americans that have Hard Water done by a study.

Build-up – Hardwater can create “build up deposits” that can cause issues in pipes, appliances and more.  These buildups can not only reduce the life span of your appliances but can also cause them to not work as intended.  This “build up”, also known as “scale”, is a white crusty mineral.  Sometimes it will form around faucets/shower heads and can become a problem.

Pressure – Due to the “build up” of calcium and magnesium, if not treated your pipes (as stated above) can also suffer.  This will affect the pressure going to your appliances as well as coming out of your shower.  If you notice a dip in your water pressure, it could be due to build up.

Smell or Taste – In some areas people can smell or taste a difference in their water.  Smells and tastes can range from metallic to rotten eggs, or dirt.  All of these can be signs of needing filtration or a water system.

Stains – Stains can range from white calcium build up around faucets, showerheads, to orange / brown stains around porcelain.

Sediments – In the Lehigh Valley, Poconos and surrounding areas we have a lot of minerals.  Sedimentary rocks (slate, limestone, iron), clay soil.

Appliances –Your appliances will suffer from Hard Water as it shortens the life of them.  A study done by The American Water Works Association states that your appliances can “wear out” 30% faster than normal.  On top of that, hard water will affect the performance of these items.

Dishwasher – your items may not be getting cleaned properly and you may see white stains around glass.  You may have a “film” around your plastic items.

Washing machine – your clothes are not getting cleaned as intended.  Your detergent is meant to clean your clothes.  Hard water affects soap and how it penetrates your clothing which affects the cleaning process to get the dirt and grime off.  Your clothes will sometimes come out feeling more “scratchy” and tough.  On top of that it will also wear out the fabric in your clothing faster.

Hot water heater – it can have an increase of sediment build up.

Refrigerator – icemakers can experience issues with buildup deposits as well, which can cause it to stop working completely.

Showering – Your shower experience can be affected greatly too.  Hard water can not only affect your hair, but it also can be affecting your “lathering” process.  With soft water it can take up to 50% less soap to later yourself up!

Skin – Some people have even experienced irritations to their skin.  Hard water tends to leave soap on your skin which causes your skin to be subject to dry out easier.  When your skin is dry not only can it get scratchy and itchy, but it can also crack and be painful.  On top of that, research has shown that bathing in hard water could be a cause for Eczema symptoms to get worse.


While there are many devices out there in which you can get self-kits or quick water quality testers, we highly recommend getting a professional water test done.  KMB Plumbing has access to come in and take the necessary samples to get you an accurate and descriptive water test done.

From water testing to water treatment solutions and options including a Whole House Water Filtration or Water Softener, we can help.  In addition to our 30+ years of experience, you also get our fully insured services, backed up by a 100% Guarantee.  If that wasn’t enough, we also are offering: Free Two-year Annual Maintenance when you use KMB Plumbing to install your new Whole House Water Filtration or Water Softener.  Pick up the phone and call today 570.460.0111

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