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April 15 2016

We’ve been cranking out the generators lately!  Isn’t it just the worst feeling when your power flickers and you were planning for a nice relaxing day home?  Doesn’t that always happen right after we go grocery shopping too?  KMB Plumbing & Electrical can take care of that for you.  Regardless if you want a generator […]

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Plumber or Electrician

April 1 2016

If you’re in need for a plumber or electrician look no further!  Call KMB at (570)460-0111

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March 25 2016

It’s 3am, you’re hearing weird sounds and you know something just isn’t right.  It comes to your attention that some pipe or plumbing fixture has gone horribly wrong.  That gut wrenching feeling overcomes you and you feel helpless.  Know that when you pick up that phone and call KMB we work WITH you to solve […]

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Grinder Pump

March 17 2016

So you moved into the area, you now live in a development and you hear this alarm going off.  You have no clue what it is or what it could be caused from.  You notice your toilet isn’t flushing the way it should.  You put two and two together and call a plumber.  He comes […]

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Worry Free

March 4 2016

At KMB we are 100% insured, IQ Drive Certified and 100% guaranteed.  The worrying ends and the job gets done RIGHT.  We understand how hard it is to find someone that you can trust to #1 – Tell you what the problem is.  #2 – Tell you how they will fix the problem. #3 – […]

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Equipment Rentals

February 26 2016

Not only does KMB provide amazing Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Remodeling services, but we also offer Equipment Rental.  Should you find yourself in need of a Loader or Backhoe, use a company you already trust and know.  Visit or call 570.460.0111 for more info.

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