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No candy in the toilet

October 31 2018

Happy Halloween!  Just a reminder to all parents, be sure to tell your kids that their unwanted or “yucky” candy goes in the garbage can, not the toilet!  You’d be surprised. And if you own a grinder pump the surprise won’t be prett

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Spigot shutoff

October 12 2018

Fall preparations are still in order. If you have an outdoor faucet remember to drain and detach the hose. If you have a shutoff right at the end of the silcock (part of the faucet / spigot that comes inside) then shut it off and open up the spigot.  Also invest in a Foam Faucet […]

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Pump issues?

September 14 2018

Pump problems?  With all this water if your sump pump has failed, we know the problems that can occur. We’re here regardless if it’s 10am or 10pm. Call 570-460-0111 to get started right away.

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Leaking pipes?

August 20 2018

Got a leak?  KMB Plumbing Electrical & HVAC is here to help!  Visit or 570-460-0111

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Want to manage your own project?

July 12 2018

Planning on being your own general contractor or have a project upcoming that requires: Heating, Cooling, Electrical or Plumbing?  Why hire many different companies when you can just hire just one! We’re 100% insured and guaranteed. For more visit

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Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling in the Poconos

June 8 2018

We have been trusted from the Lehigh Valley to Scranton for over 27 years now!  So the next time you are in need of a Plumber, Electrician, or HVAC specialist, give KMB Plumbing a call.   We also have 24/7 emergency plumbing & electrical needs, are 100% Guaranteed and Insured. or 570-460-0111

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