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Plumbing, HVAC, & Electrical

February 19 2019

Searching for a plumber, HVAC, and/or electrician can be a nightmare sometimes.  At KMB Plumbing we are your final search. We have experienced technicians in all three areas. New, or repair, we can get the job done.  Reach out today to get started. or 570-460-0111

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Heating, Plumbing, Electric

February 1 2019

The last thing you want in weather like this is something going wrong with your electric, hvac, or plumbing.  But if it does, look no further than KMB!

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Hard Water and its effects

January 11 2019

Do you have hard water?  We live in an area in which it is common to see elevated hardness levels.  Hard water is in large part due to our groundwater that flows through limestone.  The limestone creates a high mineral content of magnesium and calcium.  While these minerals are not a health concern, they are […]

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When searching have a checklist

January 7 2019

When searching for services be sure to ask questions to help you hire the right company.  Remember to ask questions like: Are you insured? Is your work guaranteed? How much will this cost? Can I get a quote? How many years have you been in business?   Answers to these questions should help you in […]

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Cold weather is here

November 9 2018

Indeed it seems as if the days of 60s and 70s during the day and 50s at night are beyond us.  We no longer have a choice but to turn on our heat. From service calls, to maintenance, to replacement, to just about anything you can think of dealing with HVAC, we’re here for you. […]

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Are you cold?

October 22 2018

Incase you were under a rock the past week, the temperatures have dropped substantially!  From 70-80 degrees during the day and 50-60 at night to 50-60 degrees during the day and 30-40 at night.  You have probably seen frost and maybe even a sprinkling of snow!   If you’re in need of heating options, give […]

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