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Thanks for the reviews

May 17 2019

At KMB Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC we know the importance of finding someone that is dependable and that does the job right.  We greatly enjoy when our customers go the extra mile to submit reviews that express that. Thanks Pocono Locksmith for this great review: “These guys are great , extremely professional, affordable, and very […]

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Grinder Pump

May 10 2019

Having problems with your Grinder Pumps? At KMB Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC we are the only company providing a 3 year warranty with our newly installed Liberty grinder pumps. Most pumps only come with a 1 year warranty from other companies. With KMB Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC we ensure that you get a NEW Liberty […]

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Calcium build up?

May 3 2019

Do your water fixtures have white crusty build up around them? Well that “build up” is mineral deposits, better known as “Hard Water”. The good thing is that we have a solution for you. At KMB Plumbing, Electric & HVAC we can test your water and discuss the water treatment plan best suited for your […]

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Do you need electric ran outside?

April 26 2019

Have you recently bought an outdoor structure and are looking to have electric ran?  Allow KMB to do it for you. Or if you have an existing structure we can help too. Visit or call or 570-460-0111  

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Washing machine plumbing

April 19 2019

Looking to move your washing machine & dryer from your basement to a different spot in your home?  KMB Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC is your answer! Give us a call today 570-460-0111  

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Air circulation

April 12 2019

We got a taste this past week of weather that was not too hot, but not too cold.  It wasn’t quite hot enough to turn on the AC, but also wasn’t warm enough to keep the windows open and turn the Heat off.  This is where something like a ceiling fan, or attic fan can […]

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