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Service your Heating and Cooling systems.

August 11 2017

Moving parts require maintenance. Much like getting your eye exam, dental check up, or getting your oil changed in your car, your HVAC system is the same.  Regular maintenance can thwart larger, and more expensive, repairs down the road.  Give us a call today (570) 460-0111

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Emergency Plumbing?

August 4 2017

Getting woken up at 2:30am hearing “Mom I don’t know what’s wrong with the toilet, there’s water everywhere” is a horrible thing to hear.  Not knowing what to do, or how to fix it, is worse.  That’s why KMB Plumbing and Electrical is here for you – 24/7!  (570)460-0111

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Need an Electrician?

July 27 2017

Do you want electric ran to your shed or detached garage?  What about a lamppost in your driveway?  KMB Plumbing and Electrical has you covered!  (570)460-0111

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Hot in the Poconos? Want Air Conditioning?

July 21 2017

  Hot, Hot, Hot! Is it too Hot in your home?  We have an AC option for your house!  Visit  (570)460-0111

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HVAC need serviced?

July 14 2017

Does your HVAC unit need to be serviced?  Are you unsure if it even needs to be, or don’t even know how to tell?  It’s time to call KMB visit or call (570)460-0111

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Soft water / Hard water Poconos?

July 7 2017

Do you see black specs in your water?  Maybe you see white residue forming around your faucets?  It’s very likely that you have hard water and sediment getting into your plumbing pipes and fixtures!  Cleaning that can become a mess and a hassle, but we have solutions for you.  From whole house water filtration, to […]

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